Our firm’s name – J.L. Proler Iron and Steel Company – is more than just a name.  For over sixty years and through four generations, J.L. Proler has stood for a firm commitment to providing prompt and reliable pick-up service on scrap, turnings, and metals for industrial companies throughout Houston and the surrounding area.

The J.L. Proler name also represents our prime directive: excelling in customer service. J.L. Proler Company is built on time-tested alliances and long term business relationships. We promise to remain committed to meeting your needs and growing with you in the future.  It is a promise we have kept to Houston’s industrial business community for our entire company history. Continuing to keep it will remain at our core.  

That promise also means that J.L. Proler Iron & Steel Company is dedicated to responsible and environmentally safe procedures and practices. The Company’s commitment to maintaining an environmentally sound workplace is demonstrated by our adoption of industry-developed comprehensive environmental operating guidelines. Our yard and equipment comply fully with EPA and local regulations, helping protect not just our customers from third party environmental liability suits, but also the health and safety of all in our community.

Please take some time to view our website and to learn more about our services. Thank you for visiting J.L. Proler Iron & Steel Company – it is our firm name.

L. Michael Proler
President, J.L. Proler Iron & Steel Company

Do you need container services for scrap generated at your plant or company? We offer…
  • Free  pick-up and purchase, with prompt payment, of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal and shavings.
  • Clean up of industrial sites and plants.
  • Industrial containers, boxes and material handling equipment customized  to fit your company’s specifications.
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