FOR OVER EIGHTY YEARS AND THROUGH FOUR GENERATIONS J.L. Proler Iron & Steel has been providing industrial companies in the greater Houston area with prompt and reliable service on scrap, turnings and metals. We offer prompt pick up service and a wide variety of environmentally sound bins, boxes, and hoppers. Certified truck scale weights, a quick payment cycle, and outstanding customer service have made us a regional and industry standard.


J.L. Proler Iron & Steel Company is dedicated to responsible and environmentally safe procedures and practices. The Company’s commitment to maintaining an environmentally sound workplace is demonstrated by our adoption of industry-developed comprehensive environmental operating guidelines. Our yard and equipment comply fully with EPA and local regulations, helping protect not just our customers from third party environmental liability suits, but also the health and safety of all in our community.

He will be greatly missed by many.
Brand new hoppers brought in by @thehippohopper Thank you for the quick delivery! Great customer service 👍🏻 #scrap #scrapmetalrecycling #hippohopper
We buy, sell and process all grades of turnings and scrap, both ferrous and non-ferrous: ☎️ 713-675-3191
Special hopper was the perfect fit! Thanks to our engineering and welding department for always doing a great job. #hopper #machineshop #houstonscrap